Below is a list of publications either written or referenced by Positive Behaviour Change Solutions team


Current work

  • Preliminary investigation into an article which examines the compatibility between trauma informed care and positive behaviour support within a non-linear multi-element model

Work awaiting publication

  • Article on types of non-aversive reactive strategies (NARS) and thier impact on episodic severity for people with intellectual disability and people with complex trauma.
  • Article on the 'Myth of Reinforcement' which provides evidence to support the view that non-aversive reactive strategies can and should be used to reduce risk and maintain safety during behavioural crisis. The article refutes the assumption that non-aversive strategies used during a crisis might reinforce behaviour.

Published work

Crates, N., & Spicer, M. (2012). Developing behavioural training services to meet defined standards within an Australian statewide disability service system and the associated client outcomes. Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disability, 37(3), 196-208.

Spicer, M., & Crates, N., (in press).  Non-aversive Reactive Strategies (NARS) to reduce the episodic severity of aggression and to reduce the need for restrictive practices. In R. P. Liberman and G. W. LaVigna (Eds.), New directions for the treatment of aggressive behavior in persons with mental and developmental disabilities.  Nova Science Publishers, Inc., Hauppauge, NY 11788.

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