Our team members are professionally trained and experienced in working with schools, support organisations, families and individuals. They can undertake or assist with assessments, planning interventions, implementing strategies for change, They can assist organisations and individuals to develop the skills and knowledge to be able to lead positive change with the people they are supporting. Please click on About to find contact details and see how our experience might assist you or your organisation.

Services for Individuals

  • Counselling
  • Assessment and support
  • Communication assessment
  • Complex Care Coordination
  • Health Behaviour Change
  • Provision of services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Services for Organisations

We offer consulting and training to organisations on a wide variety of topics. Service delivery is flexible and can be provided as general information or tailored to a particular client or group of clients. It can also be customised to individual services time and budget requirements.


Restrictive Practices

This training will focus on assisting organisations to identify and remove restrictive practices from service delivery and replace these with positive and safe alternatives.  The training will also cover managing issues arising from the use of restrictive practices and meeting obligations in moving towards restrictive practice free service delivery.

Understanding and Positively Managing Challenging Behaviour 

This training will focus on assisting staff to understand, predict and respond to challenging behaviour in a comprehensive and client centered manner.

Autism Spectrum Disorder 

This training introduces staff to the challenges experienced by people with ASD, and provides them with the opportunity to develop the understanding and skills to assist people with ASD to become more independent and successful in their lives.

Attachment and Trauma Informed Practice 

This training introduces the concepts of attachment and complex trauma and their impact upon people, relationships and behaviour. Additionally, the training covers critical issues relating to supporting people impacted by these issues and teaches effective approaches that support learning, recovery and healthy functioning. The training also covers the concepts of parallel process and congruent practices by managers and support staff.

Non-Aversive Crisis Management

This training provides staff members and organisations with information and strategies which focus on the safe and effective resolution of behaviours of concern eg: property damage and physical aggression. These strategies are necessary and effective alternatives to aversive and restrictive practices.

Understanding Intellectual Disability 

This training supports staff members to understand the underlying causes of difficulties experienced by people with disability in their daily lives and provides them with the sills to develop effective and targeted support strategies. Research indicates that this training package is effective in changing understanding of and attitudes towards people with behaviours of concern.

Defining and Measuring Client Outcomes

This training is targeted at leaders who are responsible for evaluating and measuring service outcomes. It aims to assist in developing the critical thinking necessary for clarifying what to measure and how to measure in order to ensure quality in service delivery.

Motivational Interviewing

This training provides an introduction to motivational interviewing which assists staff to develop the skills to have personally meaningful , collaborative and respectful conversations about behaviour change.

Note Taking and Report Writing

This training will assist staff to develop skills which will enable them to produce and maintain records of a high professional standard and reports that are relevant, meaningful and focussed.

Managing Conflict

This training package focuses on developing a framework for understanding sources of conflict and developing the appropriate strategies for effective management and resolution. It will provide opportunity for participants to learn and practice skills for managing difficult relationships, to engage effectively with people and resolve issues when they occur. This training can be useful for people working with clients that have complex support needs where multiple stakeholders may be involved.

Skills Development

This training focuses on teaching participants to identify and clarify specific client goals, develop clear and measurable objectives and design a teaching plan for clients to achieve their goals.

Advanced Preventative Strategies

This training will provide staff with the skills to effectively utilise positive approaches to prevent behaviour problems. Areas covered include controlling antecedents and selecting and designing reinforcement schedules to avoid problem behaviour.


Provision of expert advice and direction to management and staff, either individually or in groups, around working with clients, managing change, staff wellbeing and workplace issues.


Practice based supervision delivered to individuals and/or groups

Coaching and Mentoring

Provision of “on the job” support and feedback with an emphasis on skill development.

Avoiding or Mitigating the Use of Restrictive Practices

Specific assistance to organisations to identify and remove restrictive practices from service delivery and replace these with positive and safe evidence based alternatives which comply with state legislation.

Incident Review and Management

Practice and system reviews and development of recommendations for future service delivery.